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Apr 2, 2010 9:00pm EDT
: two champions of justice on the state of equality in america. >> not much has changed, or will change, for the folks at the bottom of the well. >> the opposite of poverty is not wealth. i think in america, the opposite of poverty is justice. >> moyers: stay tuned. >> from our studios in new york, bill moyers. >> moyers: welcome to "the journal". on this weekend, 42 years ago, dr. martin luther king jr. was assassinated-- gunned down in memphis, tennessee. many of us still have the images etched in painful memory-- dr. king standing with colleagues on the balcony of the lorraine motel, the next day lying there mortally wounded, his aides pointing in the direction of the rifle shot. >> everybody wants freedom. >> moyers: then we remember the crowds of mourners slowly moving through the streets of atlanta on a hot sunny day, surrounding king's casket as it was carried on a mule-drawn farm wagon; and the riots that burned across the nation in the wake of his death; a stinging, misbegotten rebuke to his gospel of non-violence. we sanctify his memory now, name streets and schools aft
Apr 23, 2010 9:00pm EDT
had unique authority. and it had it since 1994 to regulate every single mortgage lender in america. and you might think the fed would use that authority. and you might especially think that, if you knew that gramlich, one of the fed members, went personally to alan greenspan and said, there's a housing bubble. and there's a terrible crisis in non-prime. we need to send the examiners in. we need to use our regulatory authority. and greenspan refused. lehman was brought down primarily by selling liar's loans. it was the biggest seller of liar's loans in the world. and when we look at these liar's loans, we find 90% fraud. 90%. and we find that most of the frauds are not induced by the borrower, but they're overwhelmingly done by the loan brokers. >> moyers: and liar's loans are? >> a liar's loan is we don't get any verified information from you about your income, your employment, your job history or your assets. >> moyers: you give me a loan, no questions asked? >> no real questions asked. certainly no answers checked. in fact, we just had hearings last week about wamu, which is also
Apr 16, 2010 9:00pm EDT
lehman go. this led to america's biggest bankruptcy ever. in an admirable work of journalism this week, the new york "times" reported that lehman secretly controlled a company called hudson castle, and used it to borrow money as well as to hide bad investments in commercial real estate and sub-prime mortgages. but the week's award for sheer gall goes to a chicago-area hedge fund called magnetar, named after a kind of neutron star that spews deadly radiation across the galaxies. thanks to the teamwork of the investigative reporting web site propublica, n.p.r.'s "planet money" project, and "this american life," we learned magnetar worked with investment banks to create toxic c.d.o.s- collateralized debt obligations-- securities backed by sub-prime mortgages the management knew were bad. and then, magnetar took that knowledge and bet against the very same investments they had recommended to buyers. selling short and making a fortune. and late this week, the securities and exchange commission charged the godfather of wall street, goldman sachs, with fraud in earning a $15 million fee invol
Apr 10, 2010 1:30am EDT
afghanistan." the news from that torturous battleground continues to dismay, discourage, and enrage. america's designated driver there, hamid karzai, is proving increasingly unstable behind the wheel. the united states put karzai in power and our soldiers have been fighting and dying on his behalf ever since. despite widespread corruption in his government. now he's making threats against the western coalition that is shedding blood and treasure on his behalf. even more disturbing, for the moment, are the civilian deaths from nighttime raids and aerial bombings by american and other nato troops. just this week, we learned of an apparent cover-up following a special forces raid in february that killed five civilians, including three women, two of whom were pregnant. it's believed bullets were gouged from the women's bodies to conceal evidence of american involvement. this slaughter of innocents has led the pro-american "economist" magazine to question whether our entire effort in afghanistan "has been nothing but a meaningless exercise of misguided violence." with me is a man with first-hand ex
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)